Now more than ever, educators need quality free resources. CrowdED Learning can help.

Mobile Leveled Reading

Our first EdTech Maker Space has resulted in over 1,000 customizable, mobile-friendly reading resources (and a mobile reading app!), built using the popular Reading Skills for Today's Adults leveled reading library!


Each story includes a Quizlet study set to practice vocabulary.

Google Forms

Each story includes a Google Forms quiz to check comprehension.


Each story, study set, and quiz is pulled together in a Wakelet.

Check out our new GED Math prep app!

Khan Academy is the most widely used OER within adult education....

...but many educators note it is difficult for learners to know which lessons they should study.

The Florida Literacy Coalition worked to tackle this challenge by building a GED Video Math Prep website designed for learner self-study that organizes relevant Khan Academy videos into topics and subtopics.

CrowdED Learning partnered with FLC to take this great site and turn it into a free app! Now, learners can access learning on a mobile device or computer, track their work within the app, and launch directly into Khan Academy!

Suddenly searching for online learning options? Try SkillBlox!

More learning options

Image of a stack of books with a mobile tablet on top.

There is no one-size-fits-all resource. SkillBlox aggregates over 300 publisher partner resources and thousands of high-quality free resources to increase options for skill instruction and practice.

Increased learner access

Image of a person holding a smartphone.

Research indicates 95% of US adults own a cellphone of some kind. SkillBlox prioritizes mobile-friendly content to increase learner access outside of broadband connected settings.

CCRS and TABE-aligned

SkillBlox helps instructors and tutors create personalized learning plans aligned to the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education and TABE 11/12.

Build a plan for integrating technology—now AND for the future...

Implementation Plan Template

Click the doc above to open a copy.

Educators have been rapidly adopting technology in order to keep learning going...

...but are we also planning for the new realities that await when we return to "normal?" Our Teacher Tools page provides a curated list of freely available edtech tools for communication, instructional content, assessment, and learner management. Check out these tools, and download our Implementation Plan Template for Continuing Learning, designed to help organize thinking around edtech tool selection based on instructional goals and logistics.

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