SkillBlox makes it easy for instructors to find, organize, adapt, and share quality free content with learners.  

1. Search by Skill

Explore over 10,000 activities by skill framework or open search. Filter to find the perfect activities for your learners.

2. Select Activities

Select activities in multiple formats, from various publishers, across multiple subjects to create your SkillBlox.

3. Customize Playlists

Rearrange and customize activities, integrate additional activities across subjects, and add your own activities.

4. Share + Assign

Share your SkillBlox with individual students or classes via text or share code, or embed onto your website or LMS.

Build Customized, Skill-based Blox in Minutes

“Skillblox gave me the hope that even I could learn enough to help my students from afar [as teachers moved to online instruction during COVID]. Since GED classes bring people from all different learning levels and styles together, you cannot fathom how helpful Skillblox was to establish a lesson plan for every Math need out there. I searched for resources to teach fractions and within minutes I had a lesson plan including videos and activities from Khan Academy and Math is Fun.”

Why SkillBlox?

In the crowded world of open education resources (OER), SkillBlox takes the guesswork out of finding quality content. 

There is no one-size-fits-all model for teaching and learning. But, finding activities to meet the needs of all learners can be time-consuming. With SkillBlox, instructors can quickly create, share, copy, and adapt skill-based lessons and learning playlists – drawing from thousands of vetted, mobile-friendly activities from free, open, and publisher resources – all in one place. 

Animated GIF showing a mobile phone launching learning activities from three different sources.

Nearly 10,000 skill-aligned activities and counting

Through service-learning opportunities such as the EdTech Maker Space along with a growing SkillBlox community, content from a wide range of high-quality, free and open education resources has been organized within SkillBlox. 

Mathematics Resources

Digital Literacy Resources

Additional Resources