See You Next Summer!

This summer, adult educators from across the country (and beyond) came together for a series of "content jams" and "design slams" aimed at generating content and activity ideas to support digital skill instruction and integration.

Check out the Camp Handbook, which includes all of the resources that were used as part of the Maker Camp series. This includes some of the great content and ideas that were generated by campers, including this starter Digital Skills vocabulary list that contains open content and this set of vocabulary activity ideas that can draw from the vocabulary list and/or be used for future EdTech Maker Space projects.

Through this collaborative effort, we have the building blocks to run some exciting new EdTech Maker Space projects in the coming year!!! Interested in joining future Maker Space projects events? Stay in touch by joining the EdTech Center @ World Education's newsletter.

The Digital Skills Library

Coming in early October 2021!!!

Digital literacy IS literacy...

...but where should adult educators turn to find resources that support the skills learners want and need for personal, educational, civic, and career success?

Our most recent EdTech Maker Space event involved over 50 adult educators nationwide (and beyond) who worked collaboratively to help answer this very question! Together, these makers developed expertise in a digital skills framework designed to support diverse learners, created relevance statements for each digital skill while working in topic-area teams to curate learning resources to this framework as we begin the process of building an open digital skills resource library!

Watch our project showcase webinar, where you can learn about the project, process, and end results.

Check out this collection of resources, including the digital skills framework and learning resources used.

Watch the University of Washington's Stacey Wedlake introduce the Seattle Digital Equity Initiative framework.

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This project is generously funded by the WES Mariam Assefa Fund and the EdTech Center@World Education's Mobile Learning initiative.

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Learn New Tech Tools. Do Good.

“ The EdTech Maker Space is an incredible opportunity to create resources that you and other adult educators can use immediately.

You'll learn valuable skills for how to make use of quality tools to enhance your instruction and your students' learning."

~EdTech Maker Space Participant

What is the EdTech Maker Space?

As more learning is happening virtually, we see two trends: 1) instructors want to learn how to effectively use edtech tools, and 2) learners and instructors are looking for more free, quality online content that can be readily used (and RE-used).

Enter the EdTech Maker Space!

Imagine you could learn how to use new tools and in doing so create quizzes, study sets, and other engaging online resources that help support the broader adult education community?

In response to this very question, we found 40+ adult educators who learned the ins and outs of edtech tools such as Quizlet, Google Forms, and Wakelet all the while applying their new skills as they build resources that are now freely available to all!

As a result of that project, two participants in turn ran their own EdTech Maker Space with nearly 30 participants, to create Jamboard activities to support ESL instruction.

Along the way, we are learning we are our own best resource. Come join the movement!

ETMS Project Guide

Take Something Great. Make it Better.

Over the course of 6 weeks in July and August 2020, 44 educators from 25 states and the District of Columbia built their edtech tool chops using Quizlet, Google Forms, and Wakelet. As a result, over 1,000 engaging, mobile-friendly resources were created and are now part of the Marshall Leveled Reading Program!

Reading Skills for Today's Adults (RSTA) is a fantastic, free leveled library designed to provide extensive reading and fluency practice for early level readers. Each story also includes a supplement that includes vocabulary and comprehension exercises available within a Word Document.

For our summer 2020 cohort, we asked:

What if we took these supporting exercises and adapted them using interactive edtech tools such as Quizlet, Google Forms, and Wakelet to provide more engaging, mobile-friendly learning options?

The result? A brand new, shareable, customizable leveled reading library - the Marshall Leveled Reading Program!

Our Summer 2020 cohort was funded in part by a Creative Commons Global Network Communities Activity Fund Grant! Thank you to Creative Commons for their tireless, global effort to increase educational access by expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share.

CrowdED Learning is an initiative of the EdTech Center@World Education.