Marshall Leveled Reading Program

Co-created by adult educators using stories from Reading Skills for Today's Adults (RSTA), CrowdED Learning is proud to offer 345 leveled readings and engaging activities to learners and instructors in a variety of formats.

Image showing four levels of the reading program.

Leveled Library

Using Wakelet, instructors can explore, copy, and share readings by level using the leveled Wakelet library, or share the appropriate level(s) with learners.

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Mobile App

Perfect for self-guided learning, download the app to explore all 345 readings in the library by topic and level, track your work, and add notes about each reading.

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Resource Library

For educators looking to customize what they offer, this spreadsheet contains links to all 1,000+ learning resources to copy, adjust, and share as you see fit.

Each option includes the original story, along with a Quizlet study set to practice and learn the story vocabulary and a Google Forms quiz for learners to check their comprehension.

Leveled Wakelet Library

Level A icon

CCRS Level A

TABE Level L

Lexile 200 – 500

ATOS 1.1 – 2.7

Level B icon

CCRS Level B

TABE Level E

Lexile 400 – 700

ATOS 2.7 – 4.9

Level C icon

CCRS Level C

TABE Level M

Lexile 600 – 900

ATOS 5.0 – 6.9

Level D icon

CCRS Level D

TABE Level D

Lexile 800 – 1200

ATOS 7.1 – 9.6

TEACHERS: All of these resources can be copied, customized, and shared with learners in whatever way best suits your instructional format and learner contexts. Our Instructor Resource Wakelet includes links to all 1,000+ mobile resources, as well as copies of the Google Forms Quizzes so you can get reports on student performance.

Share and Download the App!

Explore by Topic and Level

The Marshall Reading Program includes a range of topics important to adults, including work, money, parenting, health, and more. Using the mobile app, you can explore stories of interest to you by topic and be certain they are at the appropriate level.

Track the Stories You've Read

Beyond learning about new topics of interest, each story within the library provides opportunity to practice vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. As you explore topics, read the stories, and build skills, you can keep track of stories you've completed.

Developed by Adult Educators

Thank you to our Summer 2020 EdTech Maker Space Cohort, whose tireless dedication and commitment to literacy education for adults helped to create the 1,000+ mobile-friendly resources organized here to supplement the Reading Skills for Today's Adults stories.

Alexandra Eveleth

Alfredo Lopez Chaparro

Alyson Tolman

Ambersine Kiefer

Andrea Gazaway

Andrea Reeves

Angela Eng

Angeline Vogl

Ashly Winkle

Bethel Oestman

Brenda O'Neal

Christina Earley

Danielle Pedersen

Danna Farney

Ginette Chandler

Hillary Gardner

Jacqueline Cisneros

Jana Harper

Jenny Siegfried

Dr. Jesus Flores

Jill Wright

Laurice Hoffman

Leticia Barajas

Lily Beth Brazones

Linda Leblanc

Liz Otterness

Lori Barstow

Mary Popp

Matthew Van Blaricom

Megan Knight

Nancy Bjorn Nordeen

Rachel Riggs

Shauna Egan

Stacy Abraham

Stephanie Patton

Sue Schneider

Susan Coulter

Susan Giuliano

Dr. Tasha Nelson

Tiana Crumbley

Tiffany Lee

Vaishali Deshpande

Victoria Ruelas

Xavier Muñoz

Thank You to Our Sponsor!

This project was funded in part by a Creative Commons Global Network Communities Activity Fund Grant! Thank you to Creative Commons for their tireless, global effort to increase educational access by expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share.