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This course was designed for education providers and practitioners teaching adult basic academic skills, ESOL, and literacy at a distance and/or through blended learning; it provides strategies and resources that are essential for both setting up and implementing distance education or teaching with a blended approach.

This Handbook, the attendant course (IDEAL 101), and the development of the implementation plan that is part of the course provide the opportunity for programs to develop proactive strategies to enhance distance and blended learning and expand capacity in a sustainable way. It addresses both administrative and instructional issues that are at the core of successful blended and distance education, and is informed by current research and policy guidelines and observations of effective practice documented by IDEAL Consortium members, past and present, and affiliated state leaders.

Set of courses for establishing career pathways programs in Adult Education. Courses available in Building Strategic Pathways, Developing Effective Bridge Programs, Designing Contextualized Instruction, Integrating Career Counseling and Planning, and Engaging Employers in Adult Career Pathways.

The Adult Career Pathways Training and Support Center, part of the federally funded Designing Instruction for Career Pathways initiative, provided a free professional development network for practitioners and programs interested in designing and implementing high-quality Adult Career Pathways (ACP) systems. The resources developed through this initiative were designed to help state and local adult education providers develop and deliver Adult Career Pathways systems that would successfully transition low-skilled adults to postsecondary education and employment.

From the American Institutes for Research and RTI International, this professional learning module, Integrating Employability Skills: A Framework for All Educators, was developed collaboratively by the College and Career Readiness and Success Center (CCRS Center), the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL Center), and RTI International. Resources include downloadable PDFs of a facilitator’s guide and participant handouts, as well as a PowerPoint presentation for facilitating the training course.

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