Add New Activities

In a Skillblox, click on "Add New Activity."

Add information about the activity. 

Activity Details

Title: If possible, use the title from the source. If you created it, think of a title that is concise yet descriptive.

URL: This is what students or other teachers will click on to launch the activity. Make sure appropriate permissions have been granted if this is a cloud-based document. 

Source: Answer, where is this activity coming from? If you created it, add your name. 

Information for Reuse

Is teacher-facing? Select "yes" if this activity is meant for teachers to see, not students. 

Requires adaptation? Select "yes" if this activity need to be edited before being used with students. 

Recommend for Skillblox Library? Select "yes" if you think other teachers would like to find and use this activity. The activity will be evaluated and aligned before addition to the library. 

For Activity Type, Activity Format, and EdTech Tool, tag your activity by selecting the best options from the dropdown. You can select multiple. 

Click  ADD  to finish! 

Great! Time to customize your SkillBlox...