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About SkillBlox

SkillBlox contains over 2,000 free and open education math resources aligned to the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education. 

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TSTM + SkillBlox

With our partners @ AIR, we're expanding SkillBlox with TSTM topic-aligned content as part of an Institute of Educational Sciences initiative!

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Building a WORLD that is OPEN

CrowdED Learning was founded with the mission to make it easier for adult education learners and instructors to access quality, free and open resources (OER). In addition to making it easier to find great content that exists, we engage instructors in service learning professional development in which teachers work collaboratively to curate, adapt, and create OER that 

Current Resources

Marshall Leveled Reading Program text in front of a library of books.

345 readings and activities for early literacy level adult learners.

Digital Skills Library with a set of scenes where people are learning digital skills.

Open library of 1,500+ resources aligned to core digital skills

Video Math Prep for the GED text in front of a chalkboard showing a graph.

Video-based app aligned to the GED Math Test objectives

ESL Story Bank logo with a set of scenes of people speaking and listening in different settings.

Interactive resource collections to augment the ESOL Story Bank curriculum.

Decorative cover image for interactive lessons as part of the Staying Healthy Health Literacy for ESOL learners curriculum.

ESOL / Health Literacy

Over 100 resources and activities to support the Staying Healthy curriculum. 

Staying Healthy for Beginners | Staying Healthy 

Instructor Professional Development

Resource of the Month

Learning Chocolate

December is rich with timely topics to explore like federal holidays, changes in weather, and money management. In a recent maker Space, many makers commented that they knew of this resource, but didn't know that it covered such a broad range of topics. This is your tip to go explore and see if there's a vocabulary set that you can use! If not, you can create an account and make your own. 

2022 Resources of the Month

November 2022 | PhET Simulations

October 2022 | Digital Unite Technology Guides

September 2022 | iCivics

August 2022 | ABSPD Tier 2 Vocabulary (Reading)

July 2022 | WeSpeakNYC (Episodes)

May 2022 | POUR framework (Teacher Tool) 

2020 Resources of the Month

Jan 2020 | Glide (App-builder)

2019 Resources of the Month

Dec 2019 | YouTube (Videos)

Oct 2019 | Wakelet (Content Curation + Sharing)

Sep 2019 | CUNY/NYSED Career Kits (Career Pathways)

May 2019 | Information Literacy Resources

Apr 2019 | SkillBlox Standards Alignments

Mar 2019 | New World of Work (Employability)

Jan 2019 | Digital Skills Library (Digital Skills)

2018 Resources of the Month

Nov 2018 | ASU Tier 2 Vocabulary (Vocabulary)

Oct 2018 | Khan Academy (Mathematics)

Sep 2018 | Math Antics (Mathematics)

Aug 2018 | FLCs GED Video Resources (Mathematics)

Jul 2018 | Citizenship Resource Center (Citizenship)

Jun 2018 | CK12 (Mathematics, Science)

May 2018 | CrowdED Learning Skill Directory

Apr 2018 | Leveled Readers (Reading)

Mar 2018 | Skills Commons (Career)

Feb 2018 | DigitalLearn.org (Digital Literacy)

Jan 2018 | BC Campus (Reading and Mathematics)

2017 Resources of the Month

Dec 2017 | MyNextMove (Career Pathways)

Nov 2017 | Math Snacks (Mathematics)

For these resources and a bunch of other great content related to the use of OER in adult education, check out our CrowdED Musings blog

Past Projects

Reading + Writing Professional Development

As part of a 10-week LINCS event focused on integrating free and open education resources within reading and writing instruction, CrowdED Learning developed this open professional development resource that can be used by instructors, curriculum specialists, and professional developers infuse reading and writing curriculum and instruction with a wide variety of free and open resources and tools. 

Digital Skills Library

Throughout 2018, CrowdED participated with teachers across Illinois as part of the Illinois Digital Learning Lab. Teachers explored different ways to integrate technology tools into their instruction. As part of the lab, CrowdED Learning worked to develop a library of go-to resources for helping learners digital skills. Over time, we will expand this to include activities that support application of digital skills and problem solving in technology-rich environments.  

Khan Academy Math Practice Sets Aligned to the CCRS + TABE 11/12

In an effort to support learners and instructors as they transition to the new TABE 11/12 Tests, CrowdED Learning has pulled together correlations of Khan Academy activity sets—over 2,000 of them—to the TABE 11/12 test blueprints. This work will be incorporated into the SkillBlox learning plan generation tool help instructors develop personalized learning plans for students that integrate Khan Academy content. 

Tier 2 Vocabulary Curriculum

Appalachian State University developed a first-class, free and downloadable curriculum for teaching 195 Tier 2 (academic vocabulary) words to adult learners.  We decided to pick up where their great work left off, developing a set of 39 Quizlet decks so learners have interactive, mobile friendly options for studying vocabulary anywhere. 

What are the barriers OER adoption?

Check out our four-part series that explains our philosophy on barriers to and opportunities for more widespread adoption of OER in adult education.