Share a SkillBlox

Remember: you can share a SkillBlox with learners AND with other teachers! 

In a SkillBlox, find the Share button.

Open a SkillBlox. 

Click on the green  Share  button.

Share your SkillBlox with learners, teachers, and everyone! 

From private ➡ public

Each Skillblox you create is automatically private. To make it discoverable on the "Explore Skillblox" page, select "Public" from the dropdown.

Direct link, QR code, PDF, and more! 

Whether public or private, there are a lot of ways to share your Skillblox directly with learners and other teachers. Copy the link, open the QR code, share to Remind, and more. 

Enable copies

Other educators may want to adapt your Skillblox for their own use. If you're okay with that, click on the toggle next to "Allow other SkillBlox users to make a copy."

Click  DONE . 🎉 Great work! SkillBlox are made for sharing! 

Did you make your SkillBlox public? Make sure you tag it, too, so others know what's inside!