Tag a SkillBlox

Tagging your SkillBlox helps other educators search and filter to find other SkillBlox that they can use as-is or adapt for their classes. 

In a SkillBlox, click on the tagging button.

Open a SkillBlox. 

Click on the Add/Edit SkillBlox Details button, a small white tag with three dots in the middle. 

After reading the message on the first page, click  Continue .

Add information about the Skillblox. 

Ready for students?

Indicate whether the SkillBlox is student-facing. Choose "yes" if the SkillBlox is ready to share with students. 

SkillBlox Format

Select the intended use of the SkillBlox

Click  Continue 

Note:  Save and Exit   at any time if you decide you want to continue tagging later. You can also re-tag if you make changes to your SkillBlox.

Learner and Learning Focus

Note: You can select more than one option for every question.

Click  Continue 

Subjects and Topics

If your SkillBlox includes activities from the library, you will automatically see a list of the subject-specific skills that the activities in your SkillBlox align to. These are automatically populated based on the activities that you've added from the library. Click on the checkbox next to the skills that are most relevant. For example, in this SkillBlox, "Shop Online" is the core theme. 

If you haven't added any activities from the library, you'll click + Add Skill to manually add skills from Math, Digital Literacy, Health Literacy, Financial Literacy, Civics Education, and Workforce Preparation.  

Click  Save 

Now, make sure your SkillBlox is public so other users can find your SkillBlox and know how it fits with their goals. 🎉 Bravo!